The past two days have been relaxing, but interesting as I continue to find out more about normal life in England. On Sunday after visiting the local castle (Broughton Castle) Sue and I decided to go roving… Wandering along using the footpath system which runs throughout the country. A fantastic idea which really makes it easy to go for a walk since there is a trail fairly close to everywhere. We took the “Shutford Circular Walk” which (shockingly enough) had a series of caches placed along the route. About 4.5 miles later we had found 10 caches and were sitting at the local pub thinking about food. Unfortunately, we discovered that while pubs are open and serve beverages, no food is serves in pubs (or at least the small local ones) on Sundays. Slightly different than Indiana where you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday, but can buy as much food as you like! After that we headed back and Sue made a wonderful salad.

Today it was time to tick off another thing on the list… a visit to the Swindon Pressing Plant. This is where all MINI body panels are produced. Again (he says with a shocked tone) there was a cache nearby (called MINI). If it wasn’t for the cache I doubt we would have even known where to look. I dropped off my Mini Cooper Rally Car- the green team. in the cache and we headed off away from Swindon and back to the Cotswolds and quaintness. After a stop in Burford- lovely needlework/knitting shop… I assume it was lovely, Sue bought stuff. We headed off to another cache this one located near an old church that once was the place of worship for a medieval town that died out from the Black Plague. No one returned to the town, so this small church is still there and being used by the locals (no town, but some wonderful homes nearby. After walking around for a while we started to get tired and decided to head back to Swinford Gower. Tomorrow will be another adventure, but it was nice to get one more little thing off the list as date to return home gets closer and closer.