I may not be as much of a podcast junkie as Sue and with time I really have slowed down on my podcast listening. There are a few I still listen to regularly (whiteroofradio, decoderringtheatre, & podcacher) unfortunately for me, one that had stopped posting for a while has started again. Webcomics Weekly has been on hiatus until the last month. The funny thing is I started listening to this podcast back when it was the “Blank Label Comics Podcast” the podcast itself has evolved from basics for web cartoonists (if you want that listen to early episodes)  to the life of a web cartoonist- they even have changed their thoughts from what they had written in How to Make Webcomics & Webcomics.com. Nothing too bad, interesting suggestions and thoughts from people who have been able to give up real life and enjoy cartooning as a life.

I bring this up because this last week someone talked about “Should I quit?” the guys on this podcast rambled about a bunch of stuff but they also talked about (with 10+ years experience) the need for people who really want to create a webcomic and aren’t looking for a way to give up their day job.  I guess even after the comments from my mother about “when I’m going to make money”  I’m here because this is something I have always wanted to do.  I don’t know if I was stupid not following the advice given to me in high school- there is something about having  bit of life experience.

I’m still working on what I want this comic to become… but really I’m not trying to deal with getting enough money to support my comic book & Mini Cooper habit, I’m just trying to have some fun, and learn in the process.  In 2011 hopefully you’ll see some changes to this comic (the only thing that is constant is change).  After close to two years of playing, I have paid for three more years of keeping this site up and running so you haven’t seen the last of me…  I’m putting together My Geek Odyssey’s Annual Report to our stockholders.  Huh? When did we get stockholders?  Maybe the government will bail me out too.