Here’s the deal… last year my creative project (outside of the comic) was Project: Pinewood, in which I went back to my days as a Cub Scout and made a pinewood derby car, using only a pocket knife and sandpaper.  This was in honor of the centennial of Scouting in America. The car became a travel bug and is is presently wandering the United States from cache to cache.  Being larger than most caches I completely understand why it hasn’t gathered the miles.  So what should I do this year?

Here’s the plan it might work, it might not.  I know a number of the readers of this comic also (because they have some geeky traits) watch Dr. Who.  My plan is to create a geocache for each incarnation of the Doctor.  These would all be decon containers (TARDIS) that I have added some decoration for the unique doctor.

My first idea was to have Cecil place the series as I had time to create them, and be done with it… then another idea started to germinate.  What if those caching Dr. Who fans from across the country received a cache and placed it in THEIR community?  What if each cache had part of the coordinates to a final cache filled with Dr. Who swag and a commemorative Pathtag?  What if I just turned this whole project in to way too much work?  Could it all be done in a year?  A dozen caches placed around the country (the world?).  I’d need to really learn more about Dr. Who (I remember Tom Baker – the fourth doctor, but not well.) I picked up the series with the 9th Doctor and still haven’t seen all the 10th Doctor’s episodes.  What do you think?  In the immortal words of John Belushi “Who’s with me?”  Thoughts?  Ideas?