Has it really been 20 years? One of my favorite comics (which bounced around publishers) was turned into a movie in 1991. Yes, I’m talking about “The Rocketeer.” Comic book wise Dave Stevens story and art were flawless and the film version was amazingly faithful.  I went to the opening night and ended up with a poster (that still hangs in my office)  It was the film that opened the newly renovated El Capitan theater in Hollywood- where I took my brothers that summer of 1991. I have all the original comics, along with the multiple times it has been reprinted… and yes, though I rarely can say this, I own it on DVD, I used to own it on VHS.  I’m missing a few things, but I still can’t make the leap into buying a helmet though Cecil really, really wants one.  What could make it better?  This-

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

Yes, a stylized short fan film- a trailer, if PIXAR was doing the film (which would be cool). The only missing piece to it, (as someone else pointed out) the fantastic James Horner score. If you have a chance to escape to the 1930’s world of Cliff Secord (the comic starts off in April 1938, the cover date of Action Comics #1) even if it’s just a few moments I would do it. In fact after I post this I think I might. “Rocketeer to the rescue!”