As has been posted more times tonight than I care to repeat Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has passed away. For me I started with an Apple II in middle school. My first computer that I could claim as mine was a Mac… purchased months after the release in 1984. “On January 24th Apple will Introduce ‘Macintosh’ and you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.’”

While it seems cheesy, it was an amazing turn of events in 1984, no computer did anything like what a Mac did.  It cost $2,495 when released… my choice as a high schooler was- European vacation, car, or Mac… I chose Mac (I’m a geek).
I still have the original commercial from the Super Bowl (heck, I still have my original Mac) I’ve joked about it, but I am an Apple zombie… I have never understood those who think Windows is a superior system. To me, it has never worked well. I recall my first training as a teacher on an IBM machine. It seemed archaic, and when it froze I was befuddled. The trainer looked at me said “just push ctrl+alt+del” like it was something you always did… I lost everything I had worked on and commented “In five years of using a Mac I have never lost anything or had the computer freeze- why did we but these things?” Here is Steve Jobs’ Philosophy something to think about and words to live by.

Today’s comic will be posted tomorrow… sorry long day.