Being the keeper of a cache near my local comic book shop called “It must be Wednesday” (GC1DD2D) I thought I might post twitter like reviews of the comics I read each week.  I’ll make sure that the for Mature Readers are duly noted. Unless marked as either ALL AGES or MATURE READERS consider them PG – since parents should be checking out what ever Books, TV shows Movies & Games their kids are interested in.  Please understand that these may also contain spoilers.

Fantastic Four Presents: Franklin Richards- Son of a Genius: Schools Out #1– (the title almost used up 140 characters) ALL AGES This is a great series full of amusing shorter stories that are great for kids.  Unlike the Marvel Adventures or DC Kids line up it isn’t a “Super Hero” comic think of it as what if Calvin actually had access to the stuff he imagined about.  Fun comic Highly recommend it.  While a lot of the All ages comics revolve around selling a cartoon series this one is just fun, it reminds me of the old Harvey comics with a Marvel Universe twist.

Wednesday Comics #2 – This is an interesting experiment.  Basically it is 15 one page comics like the old Sunday newspapers. Same size as the newspaper and printed on newsprint.  They’ve really done a great job with art although with only 2 pages so far to look at story is a little harder to comprehend.  Since it comes out weekly I’m sure that I’ll get trapped in a story or 15. I’d definitely give it a look. I’m almost hooked on The Flash story (duh!) but am tying to figure out what they have done to Adam Strange… then again in the real continuity they have done some crazy things to him also.

Star Trek Crew # 5 – This is John Byrne’s take on the character of Number 1 from the original Star Trek Pilot “The Cage” and her career. After playing around with Gary 7 from “Assignment Earth” (another good series) The stories have been interesting and having been a Byrne fan early on the artwork is classic Byrne.  After finally getting assigned to the Enterprise serving under Capt. Robert April.  She has refused promotion after promotion and we finally find out why – as if you couldn’t figure it out.  Nice for Start Trek TOS fans.

Titans #15 – Don’t let the cover fool you- this one is a coming of age story dealing with Tempest (used be known as Aqualad). As the original Titans are maturing they are confronted with the next steps.  How this ties into Blackest Night I’m not sure since I have decided at this time to hold off on another crossover event (24 issues over 4 months- no titles that presently read).  It will be interesting to see how Garth fills his new role.

Vigilante #8 – I started picking up this title  when I started following Marv Wolfman (the writer) on Twitter so I’m right now getting up to speed.  I figure next week I’ll pick up the back issues I’m missing.  One of those joys of coming in midway through an arc.  I am liking what I am reading.

Captain America #601 – Classic World War II story (since Cap is “Dead” right now) Artwork is great, and since one of my first Captain America Comics dealt with Baron Blood… ah nostaglia.  No background needed.

The Mighty Avengers #27 – After “Civil War” and “Secret Invasion” and now “Dark Reign” Marvel has done a great job of turning me off to their titles.  I’m trying to understand what is going on but it is difficult.  I was never that into the Inhumans so the whole prelude was lost on me.  It looks like we have another ultimate badguy and the Avengers (under Hank Pym) have a new HQ.

Fables #86 MATURE READERS We finally get to know about the boogey man who seems to like teeth.  This is the bad guy that has escaped to the Mundy world and settled in Manhatten.  The Fables have been busy with their crossover so now we are back to find out something about their next challenge.  I really enjoy Fables so I’m curious as to how things will play out.

The Literals #3MATURE READERS I’m late (as always) So this is the final issue of the Great Fables Crossover – how do they save the world from Kevin Thorn?  I’m not going to tell but unlike most crossovers (which I have gotten to hate) this one was… fun! I would recommend the entire thing (wait for the trade).

The Walking Dead #63MATURE READERS As always this title amazes me.  I never thought I would actually get into a Zombie story.  The final twist at the end of this issue was a little creepy- but Kirkman again keeps us guessing.  Who will be next?

Irredeemable #4MATURE READERS I decided to try this after reading some favorable reviews… and It is interesting I’m still working on some basics (but that’s what happens when you have no background) Basically think of this story this way- Superman goes a little funny in the head and decides to take over the world through a violent abuse of power.  This issue the member states of the UN are basically trying to figure out who can surrender first so that they don’t get destroyed -when dealing with a rational mind that might work, but…