After a long flight I arrived in San Diego for Comic-Con and once again felt completely ill prepared. The funny point is on my way to the trolley I became kind of the Jedi Master for a group guys who had never been… first getting tickets, then on the train, and finally picking up their badges. Must be the teacher in me. Besides that I decided to wait around until the Exhibit Hall opened and then the trouble started. At the beginning the hall was fairly empty but then as the evening continued it became a zoo. As Marv Wolfman tweeted “Wednesday has become the new Saturday.” That said I did check off a bunch of stuff from my list:

Things still on the list-

  • Pick up the latest Mouse Guard Hard Cover (Winter) and have it signed (also get my Fall signed.
  • Keep checking out sketchbooks by various artists I picked up two, but really like to see how other artists put their drawings together.
  • Pick up some all ages books for my classroom which will mean a stop by Scott Sava’s and Andy Runton’s boothes (How could I have missed them yesterday?)
  • Cecil still has a bunch of people he needs to get his picture taken with…

Things not on the list: I did buy some original artwork from Dave Kellett’s webcomic Sheldon.  It really spoke to me and how I have been addressing my whole webcomic, SO I had to buy it.  I also picked up  a couple of t-shirts (one Bone, and I thought the other was just kind of cool), a Mimobot for Sue and a new one for me.

So yes, the preview night is all about shopping and it got more crowded than any Mall I have ever been in during the height of the Holiday rush.  Difficult to move around, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I’ve still trying to figure out what some of the lines were for.  I have started to upload pictures onto Flickr so you can follow the monkey and me as we explore the sites of Comic-Con.  Wasn’t able to get the closest geocache to the Convention Center since that area was closed off today- hopefully it will open up tomorrow, if not I’ve already planned on getting the one near the Trolley station in Old Town.