We’re at day 3 of no school.  I can’t blame the school district at all- lots of snow, followed by historically cold temperatures, now people getting back to the swing of things, but finding out that the roads are bad, not in an icy slide all over the place way, although they weren’t great.  more along the – feeling like the road has never been paved.  So today I went out and braved the roads (in my Roadster).  The average speed was around 25 mph.  The roads were very bumpy.  Along the way I discovered the existence of a new super villain- Polar Vortex!  While throwing the United States in turmoil, he has done the worst thing ever!  He has delayed the delivery of new comic books!  Today is Wednesday, that sacred day for all comic book geeks, know always as “New Comic Book Day”  the reason to brave torturous road conditions and risk life and limb… but this miscreant caused the delivery of the holy books to not happen… so now I call on all heroes to stop his nefarious plans to get comic book geeks to read something else on Wednesdays. Who knows… I may not have had anything coming in today, but still it’s the fact that new comics were delayed and this evil-doer must be stopped!

Tomorrow, school has been called again.  Hopefully the roads will be better, the parking lot at school will be plowed, and the boiler at school will be turned on.  Many people are calling for school to be canceled the rest of the week because the kids will not be able to focus for just one day… I just need to remind myself that soon we will reach the point where they will add days to the end of the year.  For me, I do have school work to do tomorrow, but that won’t stop me from keeping up with my challenge and doodling something else!