AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I don’t know what to draw!  OK I actually sketched out a bunch of things and decided to settle with the doodle of me running screaming from… I don’t know, another snow day?    Actually this is one of those drawings I need to keep working on since I tend to draw talking heads so something in action is not something I typically do.  I figure as I close in on 1/3 mark of this challenge I’m going to start coming up with a list of things that I would like to practice to help me become a better cartoonist.

As for the conservative attire- I do think I still own a navy blue blazer (it’s a wardrobe staple), grey dress slacks and a white dress shirt.  As for the tie… Even with Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who- bow ties are still cool.  I think I was around 16 when my grandfather came out for a visit, during that time I spent some time talking with him about stuff (I was 16 there weren’t that many serious thoughts in my head).  By the time he left I had been taught how to tie a bow tie.  The funny thing is that I remember in college years later having to learn how to tie a regular tie.  A double windsor is much nicer than a four-in-hand, but when given the chance I will always wear a bow tie.  When my grandfather passed away I was grateful to be able to pick a few of his ties which I will never part with.