and so it ends not with a bang but a whimper…


This first 30 day challenge is over… 30 drawings in 30 days.  What has it taught me.  A lot.  Not as much about drawing, but more about time management.  I can do a drawing a day, some aren’t as great as others.  Some I actually like and think they could lead to stories or build characters.  I know I have a long way to go and as I learned when I first started out on my geek odyssey, the more I draw the better I get, subtly with little nuances.  This drawing actually is a rough idea for something I need to have done by Sunday.  I still don’t know if this will be the final design, but it did get me thinking.  The other thing is I was bouncing around in meetings until around 8:30.  So to get this drawing done, I stopped off at an art store and picked up a pad and some pencils (I strangely enough had a pencil sharpener with me).  I did the initial drawing (along with some rough sketches) during one of my meetings.  While I enjoyed adding this to my day, I think if I am to continue, I might not go all the way to coloring or even inking.  Drawing was enjoyable, finishing sometimes became more time consuming.

The truth of this 30 day challenge was this it wasn’t my only 30 day challenge.   I wanted to try a couple different things and being impatient and a little ADD (Squirrel!) I decided to try a few- something I won’t be repeating.  Two were adding something to my day, and one was taking something away.  Drawing and drinking a large glass of juice were added.  Thank you to my brother Mike and his wife Erika for talking about Trader Joe’s cranberry juice (definitely an acquired taste).  Seems silly to have to challenge yourself to drink a large glass of juice each day, but I wanted to make sure that I had something healthy at least every day, so a large glass of juice each day.  Today I’m drinking that juice as I write this, most days I would drink it before rushing off to school.  So what have taken away for the last 30 days… I decided to not drink alcohol for 30 days (maybe that how I could draw for 30 days).  As an adult, I wanted to see how that would change how I do things.  Not much change that I could see.  Although going out was strange, since I tended to only order water.  Health wise I figure it helped a bit and I did lose some weight which has been nice.  I actually have one more day to go on this since I messed up at the beginning. And that’s why I really like the 30 day challenges instead of a resolution if you mess up, you can start over.

So 30 days, 30 drawings- which one was your favorite?  I’ll start another challenge once I finally finish all the ones from this month & figure out which ONE from my list I think I should try.