0007When I first asked for numbers I knew there would be some numbers that would get snatched right away.  Although many people felt I should violate the 4 digit rule, I stuck to my guns so there wouldn’t be a MINIon #007.  This one is special for me because I had to do some major changes so it could fit the person who asked for the number.  While MINIUSA puts on MINI Takes The States, people from all over participate.  This MINIon happened to be from Canada, so I replaced the U.S. flag with the Canadian flag.  Besides that being one of my first MINIons it was a little more difficult to draw with the basic MINIon anatomy the Sean Connery pose.  I was able to get it down after a few tries.

MINIon #0007- is suave and debonair, an international (OK Canadian, but for most Americans that’s “like a foreign country”) MINIon of Mystery.  He’s in a white dinner jacket since MINI Takes The States happens in the summer.  I have heard a rumor that this MINIon might also be wearing a kilt- but due to cropping I cannot say if that is true.