0028I make rules, and then I break them… This is one of those cases.  In the Community of MINI there are different models for some strange reason while they are know by different names they all have “Cooper” on the back.  In the hardtop variety you have “JustaCoopers” all the way up to the “JCW GP.”  The GP is a limited release.  When a new model is coming out, MINI has created the ultimate MINI of that vintage, the GP.  So limited that the first group were individually numbered on the roof.  So my rule was to draw all MINIons that had a GP in Grand Prix racing gear and their MINIon number is their GP number.  It actually would be pretty easy… but what do you do, if you don’t know that someone owns a GP… What do you do if someone has two.   Rules are meant to be bent or at least broken.

He’s a rebel, a loaner, MINIon #0028 stands out from the crowd… looking for trouble.  Actually, MINIon #0028 was one of the original MINIons who we met in England during that adventure that started this crazy comic, so I guess maybe he did find trouble.