0177I keep saying its all about the numbers… sometimes I need to ask for help, because the MINIon in question has given me a favorite number, something that means something to them, and no one else. I listened to a Radiolab broadcast dealing with favorite numbers once… it was very interesting since it started off with a mathematician confused over how anyone could have a favorite number- numbers are just numbers… except when they aren’t.

In the Mini Cooper Community the number 177 is almost as important as the number 37.  So when this MINIon said they wanted #0177 I knew exactly what I wanted to draw- and old school rally driver to tie back to the 1967 Monte Carlo win.

I really need to stop trying to talk about each MINIon, because I’m going to mess up and hurt someone’s feelings (if I haven’t already).  MINIon #0177 is one of those MINIons who is always helping out to the point of spending a day in Salt Lake City, waiting on our MINI to get some repair work, even when she could have rejoined the group, we did at least get a double double animal style and played around with an F56 🙂