0666I keep saying that there was one design that sent out the message that I will draw some really cool and unique for you, even if you don’t ask.  If I remember correctly, this was that design.  Before I drew this one if I had a special MINIon it was something they held in their had, or something like that, this was the first one I went beyond on… causing many hours of cursing and asking myself “why?” and stranger and stranger requests started to come in.  The funny part those people I really had gotten to know over the years, didn’t ask, and were happy with what they received. Sadly I can trace it all back to my attempt to channel Mike Mignola, Hellboy in monkey form.

MINIon #0666 is a bit of a hellion. 🙂  Actually, he is one of the nicest and caring people I know.  I’d say that even if he didn’t wield the Hand of Doom.  Creative and just plain fun, he’s a bit of a clown.  Just avoid listening to him sing karaoke… trust me.