0713When I decided to do this one I actually knew what I was doing.  You see MINIon #0317 and MINIon #0713 are married.  So, I figured I would just reverse the design.  I did try it a couple of different ways including reversing the entire design, but felt that was a bit much.  I also had to change the number so it read 0713 instead of 7130. Playing in Photoshop which is how I do these.  You see ( I really should check if I’ve said this before) I hand draw and ink each MINIon and then scan that into Photoshop to color and add to a template I have for the badge. So somewhere around my house are the actual drawings for each and every one of these.

I met MINIon #0713 at MINI United in 2009 and since then we run into each other (figuratively) at MINIs on the Dragon, and Mickey & MINI when I can get there. From what I understand he is nothing like MINIon #0028. See MINIon #0317 for further details.