1945OK, I’m a comic book guy… while working on designs I figured for a Coast to Coast trip I needed Cap to be the sentinel of liberty that he is.  As you may have seen some MINIons do not wear fezzes but I really liked hiding the MINIon logo in the costume.  No this is not that horrible pocket universe where the “A” was replaced with an eagle, nor is it the horrible alternate reality where all the Marvel heroes are actually apes.

When you aren’t active on Facebook, it’s hard to get on board with stuff like badges. Especially when all the planning happens online.  So MINIon #1945 was one of the extra MINIon badges given out to a MINIon who missed the boat, or was frozen in ice, until MINI Takes The States.  I think everyone realized that Being an American Icon, did come with an abundant knowledge of trivia.