1332MINIon #1332 is based on a character from one of my favorite graphic novels (that started out a comic book), Bone by Jeff Smith. It’s the story of the three Bone cousins and how they help save the valley while trying to just get back to Boneville. I’ve over simplified the story, but it’s hard to take 1332 pages and boil it down to an elevator speech.
The three cousins are Phone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone. One is kind, brave and curious. one is devil may care and laid back. The last cousin is a Bone after Cecil’s heart- always planning, always scheming, always trying to pull something over on you. Just if he offers you prune tarts, you might want to decline.

As school has started back into session, and I have a new group of third graders, my class is usually overwhelmed by the number of comics and graphic novels available to read. Recently though I discovered that I’m having to teach how to read a comic book to some kids. How to go from panel to panel. How to read the word balloons, in order. How some words in the balloons might just be sound effects. Most importantly how you don’t just read the words, but need to look at the pictures to understand what is happening. It was fun this week to see one of my students actually get it, and then she really liked the story she was reading. No, it wasn’t Bone, it was Giants Beware, but I’m sure Bone will soon be on her reading list.