1892You know I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel when I result to American Football. Most of my friends know that when everyone is going wild about football, I tend to joke about “soccer” just because.

I was once a football fan- I was 8 and Sears was selling “official” football gear at Christmas. My parents wanted us to grow up as good American boys.  My brother (who liked the ocean) picked the Dolphins. I picked the Raiders (we lived near Oakland) . Not much to say, as the years went by the Raiders followed me south, won a Superbowl, moved back north… and I moved east. Now I’m in “Colt’s Country” with everyone spending every cent of their disposable income to support the local team… I won’t go into my thoughts on this, I’ve upset enough people in person. That said, I really tend to support the team that plays well (without cheating- sorry Patriots). but I will always post about European football scores as people in the U.S. spend way too much time and money on bread & circuses. I wonder what would happen if everyone spent just as much on schools (no, not the high school football team, actual education), or infrastructure, or their own community.  Funny thing, in Indiana they don’t complain about tax increases to support millionaire football players, or billionaire owners, but stutter and stall at supporting local initiatives that actually help “real people.”  No, I don’t own an official “jersey” for Colt’s days at school… I know I’m just a bad person.

Oh, and I believe this referee call shown is “I’m innocent, don’t shoot” which sadly so many football players need these days.