All of the crazy people in Oak Ridge, Tennessee celebrating the joy of Tupperware in the woods.

While attending MINIs on the Dragon last weekend (more on that later) Sue, Cecil & I had the chance to attend a 10th Anniversary Event Sunday in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was great to take a little time from the drive home and meet with fellow geocachers. This was one of the many events close to the Dragon, but due to US129 being closed it was the most convenient. If you have never been to a caching event you should try one (next weekend is the Spring Picnic here in Indiana).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (geocaching) check out some of the geocaching links here, then again you should have attended the Geocaching event at MINIs on the Dragon… I was there helping out new cachers to find joy in not only motoring, but also getting out of their MINI an looking around.