Bruce (aka Mr. N) teaches fourth grade at Geisel Elementary School (“Go Cats!”) and each year has an interesting mix of students who teach him almost as much as he teaches them.   Bruce is an avid collector of comic books, he loves gizmos and has a passion for the Mini Cooper.  Never really grew up (old… yes, up… no).  He lives with his wife, who has really gotten into geocaching and knitting after a long time battle with embroidery.

Sue puts up with Bruce’s geekiness by being a little bit of a geek in her own right.  Sue grew up surrounded by books and golf, so besides always try to learn something she is very patient.  She can be a a bit of a perfectionist and obsessive (especially about needlework and geocaching).  She listens to about a million podcasts every day so she can keep up to date on knitting, geocaching, MINI Coopers, current events , fundraising, Chinese… She loves to read, knit, and geocache among other things.

Cecil (Evil Geocaching Monkey Bent on World Domination) is a monkey that wants a little more out of life, he wants to rule the world.  While originally appearing as only an inanimate object (don’t let him know), Cecil’s plans tend to cause many problems (because on the Internet nobody knows you’re a monkey).  You can become a fan of Cecil on Facebook

Tink is a classic Mini Cooper (1979/1995) that, through one of Cecil’s botched attempts to take over the world, has gained consciousness.  She is still trying to figure it all out as she explores the world on bumpy roads with a bouncy suspension only when the weather is just right… due to engineering issues rain tends to slow her down… I know, I know, England is a damp country- why can’t many of their classic cars run in wet weather?

Mongo also known as “Failed Cloning Attempt #6”.  No, I have no idea what happened to #1 to #5.  Mongo is a result of combining Cecil’s DNA with Bruce’s DNA in Cecil’s Clone-O-Matic (patent pending).  He seems to have a child like innocence and is presently having a few misadventures as he discovers the world around him.  We have discovered that having gotten some of Bruce’s genes he likes Top Gear, MINI Coopers, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Sue.

Sue grew up without ever having a pet.  After 20 years of marriage she decided to try pet ownership on a limited basis by fostering a cat for a limited time. We started with a 5 year old cat with an upper respiratory infection & Sue and I became what are know as “failed fosters” -we decided to keep Hemi who as added many hours of joy & a little frustration to our lives.

Any resemblance to real or actual persons (living or dead) is pure coincidence.  No, I am not writing about you… to misquote Carly Simon (whom this comic is also not about)-“I’ll bet you think this comic is about you-Don’t you? Don’t you?”.  OK- so the main characters are named after my wife and me (after hitting creative pothole), but I’m sure as they grow as characters they won’t be anything like us.  You have to start somewhere, so why not there.