What do you know?  There is a lot of geekiness out there and I figured I should share some links with everyone.

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If you like the color on the Sunday strips check out Ben Majercak’s art at his Flickr Account.

MINI Cooper Links: It all started when I dragged my loving wife to every MINI dealership between Indiana and Savannah, Georgia.  This was in 2002 and most were not even open.  If you like MINIs and are interested in some day joining the madness that is MINI ownership your first step would be to build on online, then it is all downhill from there.

MINIUSA.com – for those in the United States visit here to learn more about the MINI.  Visit mini.com to get links to the international MINI web sites.

Motoringfile.com – News and information about MINI

White Roof Radio – The MINI Cooper Podcast

There are also many organizations to help you combat this terrible disease: NAM, Motoring Underground, MINI2, and many local groups in your area, just check around I’m sure you’ll find something.

Geocaching Links: “Using billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods”  Caching (pronounced: cashing) has taken me to some of the coolest out of the way places, it is a great way to explore a new place or take a break during a long drive.

Geocaching.com – well, this would be where you go to learn about geocaching and figure out where these crazy things are located.

Geocacher-U.com – Cybret has put together a fantastic resource for geocachers including printable resources to help explain everything to muggles you may know.

Podcacher.com – For me it all started here when Sonny presented about geocaching at NECC.  This is a wonderful family friendly podcast dealing with the joys of geocaching.

Moonshine Store – Mmmmm… Moonburgers.  Discovered this place when an event with a couple hundred  (at least) geocachers showed up for lunch.

Comics in the Classroom Links: When presenting at the 2010 Lilly Extending Teacher Creativity Workshop I talked to some people about using Comics to help promote reading in the classroom.  I am definitely not and expert and the most frustrating thing I have found is like many great all-ages comics, the links to informational sites disappear (or never get updated). Here are a few good links and I’ll add some comic options to the page devoted to Comics in the Classroom.

The Graphic Classroom – A great blog about what is out there in the comics world for the classroom.  I decided instead of just cutting an pasting stuff from this site, I should just link to it. Updated constantly with news and reviews.

Good Comics for Kids – This blog is part of the School Library Journal they also post on Twitter as new things come out.

Webcomics Links: While some of these links may not be completely family friendly all the time (you have been warned), these are a number of comics that I read either daily, or weekly.  In 2005 I attended San Diego ComicCon and fell into a session on Webcomics, something that I had kind of heard of but had not really taken the time to look at, that session started me thinking… and that is a dangerous thing.

Unshelved – Libraries… funny?  Hilarious!  Since I have a number of friends who are librarians (or Media Specialists as they sometimes like to be called) this is a great comic opening the door into what really happens in a library.

PVP – How does one describe PVP… Video game, computer, pop culture… it has it all.

Evil Inc. – What would happen if super villains figured out that they could actually make more money legally?  Yes, I know, there are already villains running businesses, but this is funny.

The Dreamland Chronicles – Great all ages story about returning to the imaginary land of your childhood dreams…

Ydrolina – From Sweden, a Mini Cooper related comic which unfortunately is no longer being updated. (don’t worry it is in English).

Sheldon – Yes, I seem to be dealing with a lot of creators who work together… Dave has a neat style of art and storytelling, he also did a great job of showing his process (which I am modeling how I have been doing this comic)

Just for Fun…  This whole thing is just for fun, but as I find cool “geeky” places that don’t fit anywhere else will end up here!  Embrace your inner geek.

Think Geek – one of my favorite online stores for all things geek (I don’t even get some of the stuff they sell, it is that geeky)

Geek Quotes – Quotes that every geek should know… I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more.

Teacher Creativity – If you are a teacher in Indiana and would like to know more about the fellowship that helped to get this whole thing started.