This one is very special to me... my nephew Rowan (probably with some coaxing from his dad) asked me to draw Cecil on a dragon. Now many of you might not know this but my first character was a dragon, his name was Wagner. So I put together this coloring page for him, and this is what I got back. I need to buy this kid some decent crayons some day.

The physical personification of Cecil with a piece of Cecil Art by Meg Reeves

Cecil as envisioned by Haleigh.

Some wonderful fan art from Cecil's #1 Minion Spider-Milo

Some great artwork from Cecil's #1 Minion: Spider-Milo

Yes, My Geek Odyssey's own colorist, Ben Majercak, gives us this wonderful pin-up of Cecil- Evil GeoCaching Monkey all ready to take over the world.