MINI Cooper Links: It all started when I dragged my loving wife to every MINI dealership between Indiana and Savannah, Georgia.  This was in 2002 and most were not even open.  If you like MINIs and are interested in some day joining the madness that is MINI ownership your first step would be to build on online, then it is all downhill from there. – for those in the United States visit here to learn more about the MINI.  Visit to get links to the international MINI web sites. – News and information about MINI – Official News about the world of MINI from MINIUSA

White Roof Radio – The “World famous” MINI Cooper Podcast coming soon to AM Radio – Confessions of a Miniac – One of the wonderful people Sue & I met at MINI United. – Dedicated to honoring the memory of Ryan Marie a little girl who loved MINI Coopers.

There are also many organizations to help you combat this terrible disease: Motoring Alliance, NAM, Motoring Underground, MINI2, and many local groups in your area, just check around I’m sure you’ll find something.