Geocaching Links: “Using billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods”  Caching (pronounced: cashing) has taken me to some of the coolest out of the way places, it is a great way to explore a new place or take a break during a long drive. – well, this would be where you go to learn about geocaching and figure out where these crazy things are located. – Cybret has put together a fantastic resource for geocachers including printable resources to help explain everything to muggles you may know. – For me it all started here when Sonny presented about geocaching at NECC.  This is a wonderful family friendly podcast dealing with the joys of geocaching. – Madcacher’s GeoCaching Blog, one of many fantastic blog’s dealing with joys of geocaching.

Paurian Cafe – Another great blog that highlights, caching, tech, photography, weird stuff (sounds vaguely familiar).  With interviews of cachers including everyone’s favorite monkey. – A geocaching vodcast from our friends in the great white north.  They even mentioned My Geek Odyssey!

Moonshine Store – Mmmmm… Moonburgers.  Discovered this place when an event with a couple hundred  (at least) geocachers showed up for lunch.

Cecil’s Caches-
Cecil has been caching a while and you can get his entire list of finds by heading over to  If you want to try for a few of Cecil’s hides here’s the list just remember he doesn’t give hints and if there are requirements please follow them or he will delete your log (he is evil after all):

ook! – GC1FWDP

Challenge of the Century: 1/1s – GC1TXYN

It Must Be Wednesday! – GC1DD2D

My Geek Odyssey:  The little British car geek – GC1VQ8H

Cecil’s Official Monkey Day Cache – GC21ZKR