Webcomics Links: While some of these links may not be completely family friendly all the time (you have been warned), these are a number of comics that I read either daily, or weekly.  In 2005 I attended San Diego ComicCon and fell into a session on Webcomics, something that I had kind of heard of but had not really taken the time to look at, that session started me thinking… and that is a dangerous thing.

Unshelved – Libraries… funny?  Hilarious!  Since I have a number of friends who are librarians (or Media Specialists as they sometimes like to be called) this is a great comic opening the door into what really happens in a library.

PVP – How does one describe PVP… Video game, computer, pop culture… it has it all.

Evil Inc. – What would happen if super villains figured out that they could actually make more money legally?  Yes, I know, there are already villains running businesses, but this is funny.

The Dreamland Chronicles – Great all ages story about returning to the imaginary land of your childhood dreams…

Ydrolina – From Sweden, a Mini Cooper related comic which unfortunately is no longer being updated. (don’t worry it is in English).

Sheldon – Yes, I seem to be dealing with a lot of creators who work together… Dave has a neat style of art and storytelling, he also did a great job of showing his process (which I am modeling how I have been doing this comic)

Al & Scout – by Ed Cho.  Ed is part of the Indy Webcomics Group and has a wonderful all ages comic about his cats. Updated on Mondays. I even had a chance to do a guest comic for him!